Aviation Accident

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Aviation accidents occur with a full range of aircraft including jet liners, commuter planes, helicopters, small private planes, and recreational air-borne devices such as paragliders. Hawaii's stunning natural beauty makes it a favorite among helicopter-riding tourists who want to see volcanoes and tropical scenery from the air.

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Experienced Lawyer, Experienced Aviator

We have represented dozens of individuals — passengers, pilots, and other crew members — who were injured in aviation accidents.

Attorney Rick Fried has a special interest in aviation and flying. He had a 25 year Air Force career, flew in an F-4 Phantom jet fighter during the Vietnam era and served as the Hawaii Liaison for the Air Force Academy until he retired as a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force Reserve in 2001.

Representing Out-of-State and Hawaii Passengers and Crew in Aviation Accidents

Rick Fried served on the Steering Committee for the United Airlines flight 811 Boeing 747 aircraft that sustained catastrophic depressurization when a cargo door blew off at high altitude after takeoff from Honolulu International Airport. The incident resulted in severe injury and death to passengers and crew. Rick Fried was lead counsel in trials in a San Francisco federal court that resulted in successful recoveries for Hawaii passengers and crew.

Rick Fried was also lead attorney for the Aloha Airlines flight 243 Boeing 737 jet that lost part of its roof on an inter-island flight that resulted in injuries and death to passengers and a crewmember.

We Know Airplanes and Helicopters

Our knowledge of aviation accidents extends beyond the legal aspects to an understanding of the nature of aircraft such as helicopters. Our lawyers talk the talk of airplanes and helicopters. We understand the terminology used by experts who assist us in the development of compelling injury claims.

Because of our reputation for astute handling of aviation accidents, we often receive cases as referrals from other law firms. When it makes sense to do so, we readily act as co-counsel with these other attorneys, to provide the best legal representation for injured clients, or survivors when aviation accidents have resulted in death.

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